Class of 1964 Connects in Savannah May 3 and 4, 2016

Corty Fengler and Perk Needham hope classmates (and significant others will join us (and our spouses) for some sightseeing around Savannah May 3 and 4, with lunches and dinners together at restaurants that look interesting (and have room for all who want to attend).  This is an informal get-together for classmates interested in seeing other classmates and a fascinating city. We are staying at the Brice Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel that has excellent service and lets you bring a pet if you want.

We are not making advance reservations or buying group tickets, so feel free to come early, stay longer, or just for the two days.  Just let us know if you think you can come, but please make your own hotel reservations. Right now there are very good prices on hotels. The Brice, for exammple is about $200/night (less if you pay in advance).

Once we know how many people are interested, we will suggest group activities. We will have maps, suggestions for what to see, and will be happy to sightsee together with everyone who wants to come. If you  give us advance notice, we will send you information ahead of time so you can see what you are personally interested in.

Contact Corty for more information.